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Generally effective and defensive though they are, occasionally brushing and flossing aren’t enough to battle dental disorders. One such incidence where this is true is teeth whitening. While you can purchase toothpaste with whitening compounds, certain disorders may render this kind of treatment ineffective in whitening your pearly whites. Here are a few illustrations:

Age. As you grow older, your oral cavity ages alongside you. The once robust outer layer of enamel thins over time, leaving the yellow appearance of the dentin layer to show through.

Trauma. After a dental accident, teeth sometimes become extra yellow as the dentin layer compensates by advancing additional dentin, which is darker than the enamel regularly on the outer layer of your teeth.

Medicine. Certain medicines have been proven to include the effect of darkening pearly whites. If you are taking medications and worried about the color of your chompers, please get in contact with us so we can judge whether your medication may be causing the stain.

If one or more of these examples seems relevant to you, please give our office a call at 408-364-1122. Dr. Catalina Phan and the staff at Campbell Dental Care are teeth whitening authorities in Campbell, California, and they can formulate a whitening plan that meets your specific needs.