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Are you suffering from dental anxiety when you go to get your teeth examined? Does heavy stress and fear weigh on your mind and turn oral health treatments into a scary and ominous dark cloud above your life? Depending on the dosage and treatment prescribed, your dentist can administer a variety of sedatives to lower your stress, or even put you asleep.

For a less intense form, laughing gas can be applied. Laughing gas consists of nitrous oxide that forms a gaseous mixture that helps relax a patient and put them in a much better mood. This is often the ideal sedative for those with high anxiety or stress.

A slow-acting yet effective form of sedation is oral sedation. Although it may take up to an hour to take effect, the dosage can be adjusted to go from a relaxing feel up to being totally asleep.
For a fast-acting form of sedation, a sedative applied directly into your bloodstream can be used intravenously. Because it directly enters your bloodstream, the effects are nearly instantaneous, with dosages being altered and monitored as necessary.

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