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After ten years with a dentist, who caused me a lot of pain and money, I left his practice with a mouthful of problem. Doctor Catalina Phan caught all of issues within my first visit. She has been amazing at correcting them. Dr Phan offered me a few reasonable options and explained the possible cause and effects. Her office is immaculate, professional and clean, with lots of parking, and it’s easy to find. The lobby is spotless and her staff is efficient, friendly, and very compassionate to my pain. The lobby has books, toys for children and very nice background music. Doctor Phan is very gentle, she always makes sure that I am not in any sort of pain. I’m very impressed with her ability and high tech equipment. I had a few root canals, and two implants. It was a totally new dental experience I have never received in my life. Pain free dentistry!
— Anna S., Campbell, CA

“I am one of those people who has traditionally feared going to the dentist. After becoming a patient of Dr. Phan my fear has lessened. During our first appointment, I shared my history with her and Dr. Phan uncovered the fact that I don’t stay numb during procedures and quickly addressed the issue. She has done an amazing job taking care of both my husband and me. If you are looking for a well educated, sensitive, talented dentist with state-of-art equipment, I recommend Dr. Phan without any hesitation.”
— Mazey R., Campbell, CA

“Dr. Phan saved my teeth! I had various issues to take care of, and Dr. Phan was able to resolve everything. Her office is clean and modern – with up-to-date dental equipment. She’s very professional and caring.”
— Sonia K., San Jose, CA

“Dr. Phan is great! She takes care of our entire family! She has great technique, clean modern office, friendly staff…I could go on but I’m sitting here in my cube trying to get work done ;-)”
— Russ K., San Jose, CA

“Dr. Phan was so professional and friendly. She explained everything she was doing. She also does the cleaning herself, which is rare nowadays! When I told her I wasn’t sure if I could afford everything done given my crappy insurance, Dr. Phan was so helpful in determining what’s necessary and what can wait. She also provided me with all the diasnostic results that were performed so that I can get a second opinion and what not if I need to. All of her staff was also friendly and the service was quick. I never had to wait longer than 5 minutes before seeing Dr. Phan. I highly recommend this place especially if you don’t want to wait 2-3 months for an appointment with other popular dentists in the area!”
— Pam C., San Jose, CA

“Dr. Phan is as good as it gets!! She is the most wonderful dentist I have ever been to. I have had a few dentists to compare to since I have moved quite a bit over the past 10 years, and she supersedes them all BY FAR! I have referred my husband to her as well and he was blown away by the service and care he received during his visit. He liked his original dentist of 10 years but decided to join Dr. Phan’s office so we could go together. After his first initial visit, he told me that he would never visit another dentist again! He thought his old dentist was great, then he met Dr. Phan and thought she was phenomenal. We are both very pleased to have her as our dental provider and will begin taking our little girl there in 4 months when she turns one. We are all going to go there and make this our family dentist for a VERY long time! I highly recommend Dr. Phan as your dentist. I actually look forward to my 6 month visit just to see her….now who can actually say they LOOK FORWARD to seeing their dentist of all people!! :)”
— Nicole H., San Jose, CA

“I love Dr. Phan and team! Everyone is so very delightful and very accommodating! Dr. Phan always makes sure I am comfortable and most importantly pain free! Both Dr. Phan and Phil go above an beyond to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with their service! I am finishing the Invisalign treatment and LOVE how my smile looks! I have had this procedure done once before without success and Dr. Phan was determined to make my smile beautiful and she did! I highly recommend Campbell Dental Care! Dr. Phan, Girly (who is simply amazing!!!!) and Phil are incredible! Thank you guys for making my smile sparkle! :-)”
— Patricia D., San Jose, CA