If you need an injection of any kind while visiting Campbell Dental Care, our dentist will use a comfort syringe to provide a painless, barely noticeable injection. This technology is especially helpful for children and patients with dental phobias, as you can barely feel the injection going in! Call us at 408-364-1122 to learn more about the comfort syringe in Campbell, California, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Catalina Phan.

The Comfort Syringe is a computer-controlled anesthetic deliver system that allows our dentist and team to administer your injections with little or no discomfort to you! This advanced device even places a drop of anesthetic at the site of injection before inserting the needle, preparing a pathway for the anesthetic and numbing the site of needle insertion to prevent pain and discomfort. When the medication is injected, the Comfort Syringe system delivers it at a carefully controlled rate, optimizing the flow of anesthetic so that you become numb quickly.

Another advantage of the Comfort Syringe system is the great precision it provides. With this technology, we only need to numb the areas of your mouth that actually need treatment, rather than your entire lips or face. This eliminates residual numbness, and makes it easy for you to resume normal activities quickly.

For more information about the Comfort Syringe, and to schedule your consultation with our talented dentist, please call our office today.