If you have cancer, Campbell Dental Care can help you meet your oral health needs. Our dentist and team know that patients with cancer have special dental needs beyond what is normally required to maintain a healthy smile. We give back to our community with free cancer patient preventive dental care in Campbell, California. Our monthly cancer patient event involves free screenings, treatment, and preventive prescription supplies. We invite you to call us at 408-364-1122 to learn more about this monthly event and make your appointment with Dr. Catalina Phan.

Most people are aware of the common side effects of cancer treatment, like nausea and hair loss. However, many people don’t realize that more than one-third of patients treated for cancer develop complications that affect their oral health. These problems may interfere with their cancer treatment and diminish their quality of life. Head and neck radiation, chemotherapy, and blood and marrow transplants can all cause oral complications ranging from simple issues like dry mouth to life-threatening infections.

Fortunately, steps can be taken before, during, and after cancer treatment to reduce the risk and impact of these often-painful side effects. When you visit our practice, our dentist will carefully examine you to determine the state of your oral health, and will recommend treatments and provide supplies to aid in ongoing oral health care.

For more information about dental care for cancer patients, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Catalina Phan, please contact our office today.