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Do you have the signs of gum disease? If so, you don’t want to ignore them. This inflammation of the gum tissue begins with a mild form called gingivitis) which can be treated and reversed improved oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings.

The more severe stage, or periodontitis, the supportive bone and fibers keeping your teeth in place are permanently damaged. At that stage, gum pockets are formed beneath the gum line, loosening the teeth, and may need to be removed. With professional periodontal therapy and upgrading your personal oral hygiene routine can protect the remaining gum tissue and bone.

Don’t ignore the following signs of gum disease:
–You have chronic bad breath.
–Your gums are swollen to the touch and red.
–Your gums are tender and bleed easily.
–You have pain when you chew your food.
–Your teeth are loose.
–Your teeth are sensitive.
–You have gum recession.

These ongoing symptoms necessitate professional intervention. Our dentist will review your medical history to detect any underlying conditions or risk factors such as smoking, poor diet, genetics, or medications that might contribute to gum disease. Your gums will be evaluated for inflammation and any gum pockets measure. Along with gum treatment, you will need to brush and floss your teeth and gums every day.

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