Chewing Sugarless Gum Might Help with Cavity Prevention

Chewing Sugarless Gum Might Help with Cavity Prevention

Cavities are often the result of chronic plaque acids caused by poor oral hygiene or an untreated oral health condition. When food particles and plaque deposits aren’t removed from your mouth by your daily brushing and flossing efforts an acidic environment can develop. This can be exacerbated by chronic dry mouth problems or persistent struggles with dehydration.

Sometimes chewing sugarless gum can help promote saliva production. It might also help to physically pull away trapped food particles from your gumline and contours of your teeth.

When shopping for sugarless gum you should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This logo can only be printed on a product that has been voluntarily researched and tested by the ADA to meet rigorous standards for safety and effectiveness.

The ADA will only approve a brand of sugarless gum that has been sweetened by substances such as aspartame, sorbitol, mannitol, or xylitol. These sweeteners will not promote oral bacterial growth.

Of course this is meant to be in addition to brushing your teeth each morning and night, as well as making an effort to thoroughly floss between your teeth and along the gumline once per day.

Having a dentist like Dr. Catalina Phan perform a dental checkup twice each year is also very important for cleaning away any bacterial deposits and monitoring the overall health of your mouth.

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