Aspects About Dentures You May Not Have Considered

Aspects About Dentures You May Not Have Considered

Dentures replace teeth, whether only a few are missing or a full set is needed. Replacing teeth with a denture can be more beneficial than most people may know, because missing teeth can have surprising effects on us.

You may have guessed that our ability to eat can get somewhat compromised when teeth go missing; however, teeth are also an important aspect of our speech. We can find both speaking and eating to be more problematic, even if just a few teeth are gone. Dentures can offer natural-looking replacements that can help us eat and speak with greater ease.

Teeth are not just for eating and talking though, as they also help our face sustain its appearance. Some of our facial muscles use the teeth to support themselves. The absence of teeth can lead those muscles to droop, which can significantly alter our appearance. You need not be worried about this, as dentures can prevent this from happening.

If you would like to see if dentures can work for you, you are welcome to come to Campbell Dental Care in Campbell, California. You can consult with our dentist, Dr. Catalina Phan, who can help you understand your options and what can be done for you. Feel free to call 408-364-1122, as we are always happy to be of service to you!


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