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If you’ve just had a baby, hang in there! You’ll eventually get to sleep normal hours again. To help you keep your baby’s teeth soothed, we’ve assembled a little bit of info for you on dental care for babies. If you have any further inquiries about this info, or if you’d like to bring your child in for an appointment, please feel free to phone our office at 408-364-1122.

Although your baby might like sugar water or juice, feeding them either of those drinks will be a temporary fix only. Just like with your adult teeth, too much sugar can be destructive to baby teeth. When giving your child a bottle, use only milk, breast milk or formula. Your child’s teeth will remain healthier and they’ll be less agitated in the long-run.

Another thing we see is that some parents like to dip their child’s pacifiers in sugar or honey. Please don’t do this! The superfluous amount of sugar is sure to cause difficulties for your child’s teeth, eventually ending in cavities and tooth erosion. Additionally, don’t lick or place your child’s pacifier in your oral cavity before giving it to them: doing so could cause a harmful transfer of bacterial acids.

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