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One of the most beneficial steps for your oral health begins at the dinner table. The food and drink choices you make can go a long way in determining your oral health. There are five important tips to improve your oral health through your diet:

– Avoid foods that contain a low pH and high acidity. This includes many drinks and foods, so it is important to exercise care when choosing what to eat.

– One of the greatest risks for dental erosion is sour sweets. Various sour products are extremely high in sugar and have a pH level that is nearly the same as battery acid.

– To avoid cavities, circumvent sugars that can damage your teeth and wear down your tooth enamel.

– Be careful when biting into tough foods, as many oral accidents and injuries are caused when teeth are chipped, cracked, or broken off by simple products that are just too hard for your teeth to handle.

– Protect your smile against higher risks of tooth decay and gum disease by avoiding sticky and chewy foods. The reason is that some products cling hard enough to your teeth they can resist brushing treatments long after you’ve had a meal.

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